Monday, January 18, 2016

Harness Lead

Harness Lead was invented by a shelter volunteer who spent countless hours in the company of homeless dogs and faced the need to fit all the different body types in the shelter, prevent the problem of scared/skittish dogs backing out of harnesses and collars and reducing the pulling of dogs with pent up energy in a gentle and humane way. That is why with every purchase you are donating to a deserving rescue or non profit group. Read more about their company's mission here.

The harness rope is hand spliced in the USA and has a tensile strength of 3,700 pounds! That's strong enough to hold a boat. BUT this rope is now chew proof so you can't just leave your dog out there on the leash if they are a chewer. The harness is designed to tighten around the barrel body of the dog like a slip lead except this won't choke them!! My dog has always been on a harness type leash since she was a baby so she doesn't understand the concept of choking herself to death when we just use a collar or slip leash. She just keeps choking hacking and choking. She's a smart dog, but ...not about this. 

They advertise this lease as escape proof and I can attest to this as my dog often makes off like a bandit after backing out of the leash. When she backs out on this leash, the leash tightens around her "barrel" (without choking her, mind you). Once she stops backing out and pulling, the harness will loosen around her so it's not uncomfortable. There are two sizes. The one we have here is the small/medium for 14 to 40 lbs. They also carry the medium/large for 40 to 200 lbs.

The rope/leash is made of a soft nylon loose weave and it is very comfortable to hold. The lead is made in the USA and made with a double braided nylon construction. I love the feel of the rope in my hand. There are no metal buckles or anything hard on the harness. It did take me some practice getting the hang of donning and doffing the harness after I learned how to make a proper fit on my pup. The diagrams on the packaging wasn't as helpful as the videos on the webpage. I recommend watching those for fitting (links below). We've gotten compliments on the leash when we went to the vet with it last week! Someone wrote down the leash because she liked how it looked and the concept after we explained how it works. She wanted to try it on her pitbull because she only had a regular slip lead and it choked him a lot! We are sort of a walking advertisement!

The care instruction is simple. Throw it in the washing machine and line dry. Do not put it in the dryer!

Visit their webpage for video instruction on how to don and doff the harness lead as well as how to adjust it for proper fit here.

Visit their webpage for their extensive FAQ page.

Purchase yours on Amazon.

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