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Crucial Medical Systems CMS 50E OLED Rechargeable Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

 Crucial Medical Systems Pulse Oximeter CMS 50
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Clinical Guard was founded in 2006 and have been a source of reliable medical supplies for healthcare professionals as well as everyday people. They offer many products such as fetal dopplers, pregnancy and ovulation tests, thermometers, nebulizers, blood pressure monitors, peak flow meters, ECG/EKG machines, patient monitors, and more. Read more about the company here.

The pulse ox comes securely packaged in its box. All the accessories and disks are packed underneath.

The package comes with the pulse ox device, charging cord and adapter, software installation CD, lanyard, and manual.

My favorite part about this pulse ox is that it is rechargeable! No more worries about batteries. This uses the standard usb charging cable, not the more popular micro usb that most devices use now-a-day. I'd love to see an update to the charging to a more common cable to reduce the amount of household cable management we have now a days!

I plugged the device in first thing, before using it. A blue light comes on and once it has completed its charge, the blue light is no longer on. The first charge was completed pretty quickly. I didn't time it bu it was just a few hours.

Now, it came time to test this 50E model response time with their more basic 50DL model that I reviewed here. My previous "complaint," if you can really call it a complaint is the longer time it takes for a reading and how it would slow down your job if you were to use this in the healthcare setting when you need a more instantaneous read. Unfortunately, after timing it, it is not necessarily faster at reading, but it does come with a slew of other redeeming qualities that you might want to consider.

The reading time is nominally faster than the 50DL, but it is so small that the average user won't notice it at all. It is nearly the same as far as time. I believe the reason is that this 50E model requires you to long press the button for the pulse ox to "turn on" then begin its reading. The 50DL just requires a quick press to the button and it starts up. I don't know how this will affect the battery life of the 50DL since, perhaps, it is always on standby. Once this 50E model, the one reviewed here, is on, it is relatively quick to give you a reading. It also shows you a graphic chart (pleth waveform) under the number output of your pulse for a visual representation of your pulse. This pulse ox allows you to customize for your use much more than other ones I've come across. For instance, you can set an alarm so when it falls below a certain marker, it will alert you. This may be helpful for those who use this overnight who may have a sleeping disorder, such as sleep apnea, or COPD that need to monitor their sats throughout their day or during their sleep. This pulse ox also allows you to change the orientation of the reading so that it is horizontal or vertical. It's a very thoughtful design.

Another feature of this pulse ox is that it can store 24 hours worth of data. I have not used this feature as this is not something I need. But, this is an extremely helpful tool for those who need to monitor their oxygen saturation due to a pulmonary disorder. The readings can be uploaded to your computer using the included disc. Please note that this CD is only compatible with PC (windows) and not designed for Mac iOs users. That is something I'd like to see in the near future, especially with so many apple users on the rise for the geriatric population.

Overall, this is a great tool to consider for those home users who need a log of their oxygen saturation and not just a snapshot that the 50DL is able to provide. This is much more advanced with more features that benefit those who require more monitoring. Additionally, as a healthcare provider myself, this is a nice-to-have pulse ox that you can use on your patients and also educate them on the extra features a premium model has to offer if it benefits their condition. 

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