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Mia cup vs. Diva cup vs. Ruby cup vs. Lady cup Menstrual Cup Reviews!

Menstrual cups are a GAME changer. They have given a whole new meaning to menstruation. I hated using tampons because I was always so paranoid about toxic shock syndrome (TSS). I hated using pads because I felt like I Was walking about in a dirty diaper for a week. But I just dealt with it because I had to. Enter menstrual cups! It takes care of BOTH those issues and more! You never feel that gross and uncomfortable gushing feeling when wearing a pad anymore!! It doesn't leak like tampons!! It's like not being on your period when you're on your period!!! I'm telling you. Game changer.

Diva Cup | Size 1

Let's start off with the Diva cup. When you think menstrual cups, most people immediately think of Diva cup! They come in 2 sizes.  Their website goes into detail with how to determine which size fits you best.  Since I'm turning 30 next week, I'm supposed to get a size 2, but I decided it was best to stick with a size 1 since I've never given birth and believe I have pretty strong muscles... there. The menstrual cup was life changing. Previously I used pads, which honestly...pretty much feel like I've got diapers on for a week. I was too worried about TSS to consistently wear tampons except for the very heavy days or for a swim in the water. I didn't know what to expect since the Diva cup was the first cup I tried. I had to trim off the stem. Pretty much entirely because it was poking out and was extremely uncomfortable when it hit my labia. After trimming if off, I had no issues whatsoever with it. It's like I wasn't even on my period! I didn't feel the cup at all and had zero leaks from day one. I read others' experience some leaking or improper fit, but I had none of those problems. Especially after trimming the stem.  Apparently I have a low cervix. It's a little under 2". Size 1 worked perfectly for me! The Diva cup is manufactured in Canada, a definite plus! The rim of the cup is a bit larger than the ruby cup, making insertion a little bit easier! The diva cup only comes in clear.
Verdict? I would absolutely recommend this cup to friends to try!!

Ruby Cup Small and Medium Packaging (way cuter than Diva's bag!)

Medium (left) and small (right)

Ruby cup is a social business that is based in Berlin and Kenya. The feel is similar to the diva, but is a little less squishy than the diva. It is a bit more firm.  It is a big more hard so when it pops out, it does sound louder and feel a bit more...surprising. The small cup holds the same amount of liquid as Diva #1 but is a wider and shorter cup with a longer stem (trimmable). These cups also come in 2 other colors besides the clear white color, which is kind of great since the white stains over time (or so I've heard).  What I love MOST about this company is the fact that every Ruby Cup purchased in industrial countries cross-subsidizes the price of a Ruby Cup for a girl in Africa. These are supposed to last 10 years, as opposed to the diva cup, which states you should purchase a new one every year. But, I know a few people who use the same one with no problem. The Ruby cup is manufactured in China. But, I don't think you should be worried about that based on the research they've done to ensure quality product. Read more about Ruby cup's production in their FAQ section here (last question at the bottom).  The cup measures 45 mm in diameter, it's 68 mm long including the stem and 51 mm without the stem. It contains up to 34 ml, but just 23 ml up to the air holes.  The ruby cup only comes in clear, unless you order the package that comes with the sterilizer (cup is pink).  The rim of the cup is a bit smaller than the diva cup, making insertion a little bit easier!
Verdict? I would absolutely recommend this cup to those who are interested in trying menstrual cups!

The Lady cup is a reusable menstrual cup made in Europe and is under Swiss management.   The Lady cup is, of course, made of 100% medical grade silicon and it comes in a myriad of colors.  The colors are really nice and it is my favorite looking cup. It was the first of all companies to offered colored menstrual cups.

It has a shelf life of 15 years and consists of bumps on the stem to help with removal.  This is the firmest of all 4 cups.  This is the only cup that has slanted holes in the rim.  The holes are also very large and easy to clean.  Instead of the holes being directly or just slightly under the rim of the cup, the holes on this cup vary in height.  Some are directly under and some are slightly lower.  I haven't experienced any leaking with this cup yet but I haven't work it more than once.
Verdict? It is a little bit more firm than I would personally prefer.

Mia cup is 100% medical grade silicon and is made in South Africa.  It comes in purple and 2 sizes. It came in the more stylish storage bag of all of ones I received. It is a silky texture with two layers of fabric.  It makes the cup feel extremely high-end and classy. As far as packaging, it is a whole other ballgame.  The stem of the Miacup is the softest of all 4 of them. The holes are some of the largest, which makes them easy to clean.  Instead of having 4-6 holes, this one has just 2 big holes.  The body length of the Mia cup is similar to the diva.  I love that the color of this cup is an opaque purple.

Over time, your menses stains the cups and it begins looking pretty gross.  Having a cup that is colored makes it much less noticeable.  The stem is too long on this cup for my low cervix and it bothered me so I had to trim it.  When testing the cup, I noticed that it's easy to fold. The cup is as squishy if not squishier than the Diva.
Verdict? I would also highly recommend this as a cup to start and end with. I love that it is almost as squishy and soft as the diva but mostly that it is an opaque color that hides discoloration after many uses!

Comparison photos:

From left to right: Mia cup, Diva cup, Ruby cup 2, Ruby cup 1, and Lady cup

From left to right: Mia cup, Diva cup, Ruby cup 2, and Ruby cup 1

From left to right: Ruby cup 2, Ruby cup 1, and Lady cup

From left to right: Mia cup, Diva cup, Ruby cup 2, Ruby cup 1, and Lady cup 

From left to right: Mia cup, Diva cup, and Ruby cup 2

From left to right: Ruby cup 2, Ruby cup 1, and Lady cup

Disclosure: These complimentary items were provided for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own and no compensation was received. This post contains affiliate links.

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