Saturday, June 18, 2016

Funkeen Waterproof Winter Dog Jacket

This warm and cozy reversible winter dog jacket is cotton on one side and nylon on the other. The nylon side is the waterproof side.  The jacket is the equivalent to our puffer jackets. The fill material is polyester fibers and helps insulate your dog during those cold winter days. The fasteners are velcro for the chest and underbelly area.

The jacket features an elasticated chest protector making it both easy to put on and remove. Most importantly, I think this really increases the comfort for your dog when they are moving around and laying around because it stretches. Think leggings for women or sweats for men...they are exponentially more comfortable than jeans, am I right?! Your pup deserves to feel comfy, too.

There is also a hole on the backside of the neck for a leash, but if you are using a harness or front lead type of leash, this won't really be useful for you. I re-adjust the harness during the winter months when she will be going out so accomodate the extra bulk from the jacket. Care for the jacket is simple, throw it in the wash with your like colored clothing and then dry in the dryer!

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