Friday, June 17, 2016

Cedar Pet Toy Box (Large)

This beautiful cedar pet toy box from Woodlore is one of the best toy boxes for your pet! The smell of cedar is strong right out of the box, but you don't notice it once it's in your house. It helps deter insects so I don't have to sorry about bugs inside the box! Woodlore is a specialty shop for cedar products founded in 1987, read more about their story here.

The toy box is made in the USA and is approximately 5.5 lbs. It measures 16.5"L x 10"H x 16.5"W or 42 x 25 x 42 cm.

I do wish the crate was shorter in height for her to be able to get her toys. She has to choke herself to get things in the middle. She can only get the toys comfortable at the very top.

The details on this box is what makes it so special. It has these paw prints "engraved" or stamped into the wood.

I love the thoughtful design of the bottom of this box! I keep it on the hardwood and don't have to worry about it scratching my floors!

Purchase on Amazon or direct from Woodlore.

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