Friday, June 17, 2016

Van Ness Pureness Dinner Mats

Van ness is a family owned business who has been around for over 65 years. They provide pet-care products that are a great value to pet parents. Read more about their company here. They provide pet care solutions for dogs, cats, and other small animals.

The large rectangular dinner mat measures about 12" x 20" outside & 10" x 18" on inside (not including the raised edge.

The small dinner mat is an oval shape measures about 17" long x 11" wide and 10" x 15"on the inner surface.

The mat is non skid and won't move around your floors. It also keeps the bowls on the mat steady too. Great for those heavy eaters who nose their dishes around the floor loudly. It's also raised on the edges and does the job of containing water or food spillage. The mat is very easy to clean! Beats all the other types of non-rubber mats I've used. 

You can see a comparison of how each mat holds the same large sized water bowl and medium sized food bowls. For your reference, my dog is a 21lb cockapoo and those are large and medium sized bella bowls


Verdict: These are absolutely fantastic pet dinner mats. They keep my floors clean and are a breeze to clean. The biggest issue I've always had with mats is keeping it clean. These, I can literally hose off in my sink when I'm feeling lazy and will be ready to go because they dry quickly! I do think it is unnecessary for the large blue dinner mat to have the little hanging tab on the right (see picture above). It's a useless add-on for consumers, but I see how it can be useful for a store.

Purchase yours at Amazon:
Large dinner mat
Small dinner mat

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