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Natural Bedding - Wool Comforter

DIY Natural Bedding

DIY Natural Bedding is a company that supplies bedding parts. Their purpose is to enable consumers to be able to construct their own natural and chemical-free bedding. They source their wool from local farms and their natural latex from Sri Lanka. They have a ton of resources and information to pass along to their consumer and their customer service is top notch. The story of how they got started is also a very interested read! Although their site and shop is geared toward DIY-ers to make their own natural bedding, this review is going to focus on their wool comforter that is already made.

I have their regular weight twin sized comforter. The twin comes in twin long and I found that it fit my regular twin duvet just fine. It is a little jammed packed, but it's not so long that it's curling at either ends. They offer 3 weights: tropical, regular, and winter weight. The tropical weight is described as the perfect fit for those living in Florida, Texas, California, and Arizona where the winters are not as cold as other regions. Regular weight is best fit for those living in areas that are 20-50 degrees in the winter. Lastly, the winter weight is for those in regions where it reaches below 20 degrees. I've had time to test the regular weight on both cool nights and warm nights. It is perfect for the cool nights and I live in Southern California. There are some winter lights were it is in the 50s and I wasn't sure that the tropical weight was going to be warm enough because I get very cold when it is in the low 50's here in the evening. I opted to go with the regular weight and it keeps me extremely cozy. However, the regula weight is definitely too warm for me during the warmer nights so I will definitely have to switch these out of thinner blanket in the summertime. I don't know if having a memory foam mattress contributes to it getting hot and sweaty on those warm nights but I do get so hot and sweaty that it wakes me up. It's not the most pleasant feeling to wake up to!! If I could, I would have loved to test out the tropical weight for the summer evenings as it is advertised but I am very happy with the regular weight as my winter comforter. It would have been a match made in heaven if I could have a comforter that was for all seasons here in Southern California.  It may be the tropical weight one, but I will never know! If you happen to go with the tropical weight and live in one of the aforementioned states, please let me know how it works for you during both winter and summer!

The pre-made comforter is made with farm wool. Here is information that details what constitutes as farm wool and within the page, you can find a link that outlines the difference between farm wool and organic wool. The outer layer of the comforter is made with GOTS organic sateen fabric with beautiful stitching. They also sell this fabric in their online store as well. They have their local woolen mills sew the comforter together using the wool batts they procure from their local farms. The wool from this supplier is not superwashed which also means you get soft, non-itchy, wool.

The comforters come in 4 sizes. Below are all the sizes in each weight with the actual weight of the wool give for each size.

Crib: 40″ x 55″ 1/2 lb wool
Twin / Twin XL: 68″ x 86″ 2 lb wool
Queen: 86″x 86″ 3 lb wool
King: 100″ x 86″ 4 lb wool

Crib: 40″ x 55″ 1 lb wool
Twin / Twin XL: 68″ x 86″ 3 lb wool
Queen: 86″x 86″ 4 lb wool
King: 100″ x 86″ 5 lb wool

Crib: 40″ x 55″ 2 lb wool
Twin / Twin XL: 68″ x 86″ 4 lb wool
Queen: 86″x 86″ 5 lb wool
King: 100″ x 86″ 6 lb wool

The price of a wool comforter is steep but it is a worthwhile investment. After researching around, the price of the premade comforters offered from this site is extremely competitive. Meaning, it was one of the lower priced comforters. Being that is it on the "low" side, the quality is not compromised. I find that this comforter is very well made and I am very happy with it. The only thing I wish could do was try out both the tropical and regular weight to really know which one would be the best fit for the area I live in for the 2 extreme seasons, summer and winter.

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