Monday, January 11, 2016

Funkeen Pet Apparel Waterproof Warm Dog Jacket

Funkeen's waterproof dog jacket features reflective strip down the center and around the color for visibility in low light. Your dog will be more visible to cars when you're walking then in the evening. 

The coat is lined with black fleece to keep your dog warm on those cold nights. I've even had her wear her jacket indoors since it's been so cold lately!

The dog coat has velcro fastening around the chest and belly. Around the belly, the jacket is elasticated, which in my opinion, is genius for a nice snug fit. All dogs have different shapes and sizes (Gasp! Just like us!). So if your dog is rounder in the belly, the elasticated belly give that best fit. There is also a hole in the jacket for a leash. Although, it doesn't quite work with most harnesses in the location it has a opening. 

I love that the collar on this coat can be folded up or down. When it's raining, I would leave it up for more raincover. I imagine this would also be great for fitting on dogs with a different body shape that requires more cover around a longer neck.

Funkeen's dog coats in blue, red, orange or black. I truly love this jacket! It covers the belly which often gets forgotten in dog apparel. They need warmth there too! The fit on this jacket is great. The leg holes are nice and wide for comfort. This is one of our favorite jackets now in our normal winter rotation! 

Here is a sizing chart. I missed it in the Amazon listening because it wasn't in the description. It was only located in the picture gallery.

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